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Hybrid Bottlegourd Seeds - Swastik Seeds
Days to Maturity : 46-50 Days
Fruit Shape : Cylindrical
Fruit Length: 40-45 cm
Fruit Girth : 20-22 cm
Fruit weight : 600-750 gms
Fruit Color : Uniform Green
Remarks : Tender Fleshy, High Yielding, Soft Seeded

Bottle Gourd plant requires a hot and humid climate for best growth. The optimum temperature for growth are 24-27°C .It is highly sensitive to photoperiod.

Bottle gourd can be grown on all types of soils. It is propagated through seeds which are white in color and counts about 400-500 per 100 grams.

The crop is ready for harvest approximately 60 days after seeds sowing.

Days to Maturity : 40-42 Days
Fruit Shape : Bulb
Fruit Length: 30-32 cm
Fruit Girth : 14-16 cm
Fruit weight : 300-350 gms
Fruit Color : Uniform Green
Remarks : Tender flesh, High Yeilding Potential.