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About Us

swastik seeds swastik seeds Pvt Ltd was established with the main objective of serving high quality seeds which increase yield of crop with in affordable prices. We have a track record of 35 years in the production of seeds. swastik seeds Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company. We produce seeds which are processed using “6 PLUS NANO TECHNOLOGY “which gives ability for seeds to go deep into soil, and makes plant for higher yield. We have our own R & D team with experienced breeders for continuous development of Hybrid seeds. Our R & D team travels miles to develop each variety we produced. We test our seeds in different geographical locations and undergo different tests before they are packed. We produce various crop seeds like Chilli, Cucumber, Okra, French Beans, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Tomato, Milance and much more. Our marketing team is Hyper active and visit Distributors, Farmers on field to educate them with salient features of our products. We have our own seed processing plant. Seeds are packed using sophisticated technology which retains the quality of seeds till used. Swastik seeds pvt ltd is having a good brand name in the production of chilli seeds. We have covered our services throughout the country. Sow the Right seed For the Bright Yield. We are very pleased to present our product catalogue in front of you. We look forward to see you soon. Swastik seeds dedicated to serve the Farmers.

Our Aim

We aim to get closer to farmers and gardeners anywhere in india. Even an unknown can easily plant and enjoy fantastic yield with our latest technology. This is the best possible way to serve people at remote areas across the nation. Our aim is to increase more number of farmers for farming without the use of pesticides. we ensure to provide in-depth knowledge of gardening both to farmers and new growers from our executives. This website will serve all the purpose which so far was difficult to attain.
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Why Us

Over the years, we have seen that farmers or growers received limited to no access for even a basic requirement of gardening. In order to enhance the production and quality of plants, one needs to implement the use of intrinsic fertilizers, pesticides, soil mixtures, modern technology and quality seeds. Farmers for years have used traditional patterns to grow plants. However, they had to face huge losses due to lack of knowledge and access to right things that dramatically increases the growth and production.

To cope up with the increasing demand, swstik seeds corporation will inform which pesticides have to use and when with in timely manner and thereby create a world where only healthy production is made. We also ensure spreading as much gardening knowledge as possible to people all across India. This way, we are able to save the environment where every individual can indulge in planting and enjoy their own grown healthy food or adorn their own houses. The sole reason for offering such quality products and services is to provide direct access to growers who would no more find any difficulty in cultivation. You can browse our website swastikseeds.com to know about our range of products.